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Yes, She’s Back

My Useful Tips went into hiatus for almost a year for some unexpected break! The year-long absence wasn’t planned at all, it just happened along the way. She completely lost sight of it, about the basic rationale behind her blogging! She thought the topics and issues during the past months on social media were filled with befoul trash-talks and mudslinging particularly on issues about politics. The negative attacks were just so overwhelming that it made her decide to free up her time, and even to the extent of almost deactivating her social media accounts temporarily. Don’t get her wrong. She … Continue reading Yes, She’s Back

A Button, At Last!

Hi Guys! My site is now facebook-aware!  Share the articles you like with your facebook friends by pressing the recommend or send button found at the top of the article title.   The recommend button will prompt you to post the article to your wall while the send button will allow you  to send the article link to your facebook friends or group.  Thanks a lot! 

MyUsefulTips 1st Year Blog Anniversary – A Blessing!

In my blog entitled, “Moving Forward…” published on October 10, 2010, I resolved to go on with my blogging activities after a week’s contemplation as to whether or not to leave the blogosphere. Indeed, time flies as today, is one year old! It was just like yesterday that I was smitten abruptly by the blogging world primarily to get my thoughts out there on many facets of life which I believe should need more advocacies. That is reflective in the blog categories which cover almost the things that I most advocate for… to promote quality of life. I really … Continue reading MyUsefulTips 1st Year Blog Anniversary – A Blessing!

Blog 1st Year Anniversary Announcement – “Blovesary” Fun Contest!

Hello everyone! This month I would like to share a special and unique anniversary with you all. On the last week of February is the first birthday of And to celebrate it, I will be posting a blog on the day itself of the anniversary specifically about its experience and related stuffs. To top it all, myusefultips will be hosting a give-away as an expression of gratitude to you all for being part of this blog! Since this is the month of LOVE, I’ll call it “BLOVEsary give-away”. The give-away requires a challenge and participation from you. It’s a … Continue reading Blog 1st Year Anniversary Announcement – “Blovesary” Fun Contest!

Moving Forward……

My blog is 8 months old now and  I recall it was almost springtime when it was launched. The trees at Forest Park have started to grow leaves in full  and spread and so was my blogging! (Forest Park, Queens, New York at spring time -courtesy of It’s fall season now and it’s a beautiful time of year,  full of color and crisp fresh air. Autumn leaves are colorful, bright, warm and vibrant. (Forest Park, Queens, NYC at fall time) However, they gently fall off tree and wither eventually. To some, blogging may be likened to an autumn leaf. As … Continue reading Moving Forward……

About My Useful Tips.Com

Welcome to My Useful or! In this website, you will see a lot of useful tips which you may apply in your everyday life My Useful (MUTC) blog was launched as one of the pilot projects of the various endeavors the owner intends to undertake through the years. Its objective is primarily to provide useful means whereby all people from all walks of life (regardless of location, religion, race, sex, or financial stature ,etc.) shall hopefully be able to undertake, on their own, their day to day activities easily and smoothly . It attempts to encompass most, if … Continue reading About My Useful Tips.Com