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Trial By Publicity: Its Joy and Agony!

How would you feel if you’re  the subject of scrutiny, embarrassment and humiliation in public? Darn, right? You see, in any humiliation, there are always two faces of the coin: a sad face and a happy face, i.e, there are always two opposing parties involved. Sure, you may already have an idea what I’m driving at, but if you decide to continue reading this, you will clearly understand the perspective from my side. I am not going to dwell on petty embarrassments like fashion blunders, farting in subways and in other public places; being insulted by a professor in school; … Continue reading Trial By Publicity: Its Joy and Agony!

Freshly Pearly Smile Treat Tip – The Baking Soda Phenomenon

Speaking about baking soda! Didn’t I just mention about it earlier as one of the main ingredients for the Irish soda bread? Oh yes! But for now it is for something you’ve probably heard for years from your grandparents or Mom and Dad or even recently from your buddies. I myself have heard it too. What I’m talking about is…… The Baking Soda: As an eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste we’ve been used to since time immemorial. Yep it can be used as an agent to whiten our teeth and freshen our mouth! We’ve heard it right but have we tried … Continue reading Freshly Pearly Smile Treat Tip – The Baking Soda Phenomenon

Camera Conscious – My Useful Treat Tip

Almost all of the latest state-of- the- art cellular phones have decent built-in camera but I am still a buff of a real one. While I do admit that I can still be picture conscious or camera shy especially if it is someone I don’t know who is clicking it, my being an aficionado of designing photo galleries still makes me pose my best shot just for the heck of it! Indeed, a picture can paint a thousand words and that what makes a camera so priceless to all of us. To hit the market pretty soon, the most recently … Continue reading Camera Conscious – My Useful Treat Tip

A Multi-Millionaire After A Year – My Treat Tip For the Awesome Nurses Out There

Did you know that…… Based on an annual survey of physician’s salaries, medical centers last year offered higher salaries and incentives to specialist nurses than to primary care doctors? According to Meritt Hawkins and Associates (MHA), primary care doctors were offered an average base salary of $173,000 in 2009 vis-à-vis the average base salary of $189,000 for certified nurse anesthetist or CRNAs? MHA’s projections for 2010 showed that CRNAs average base salary ($186,000) will still be higher compared to family physicians ($178,000) ? *CRNAs are advanced practice nurses who administer anesthesia to patients. A salient difference between CRNAs and anesthesiologist … Continue reading A Multi-Millionaire After A Year – My Treat Tip For the Awesome Nurses Out There

The Net Effect – My High Tech Gadget Treat Tip

Apple’s latest iPad which will be available in the US market on April 3, 2010 will make other netbooks and laptops even look big and obsolete. For someone like me who wants to be updated of what’s the hottest buzz in town at all times, I would love to have this super high tech gadget within my reach! How I wish…..calling, calling bighearted guys out there! CEO S. Jobs ….I hope you can spare me one! Apple Thank you for your generosity in advance….really hoping huh! Thin, light and handy, the iPad has a multi-touch  screen of 9.7 inches diagonally and … Continue reading The Net Effect – My High Tech Gadget Treat Tip

Berry Berry Nice – My First Useful Beauty Treat Tip

Did you know that based on studies conducted , the strawberry when cut in half has so many benefits?  – Simply rub the cut sides on your clean face, wait for a few minutes, then rinse. This fruit has certain elements that help clear up blemishes and shuns dead cells. – Gently rub on the teeth and gums. Its juice removes tartar from gums and heals gums too. The juice should remain on the teeth as long as possible so as to dissolve the tartar. – Thereafter, rinse your mouth with warm water.