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Unleashing The Inner Tween In Us – “The Play”

The Cast Arl – The Excellent Host Celebrant; Geo – The Mexican “Bolero”; Giorg – The Cutie Devil Host’s Assistant;  Phil – The Navy Captain;  Arl’n – The Purple Barbie; Myles – The Cutie-Naughty Wolverine; TLin – The Gorgeous Korean Lady; KBob – The Revolutionist a-la Pancho Villa; Cyn – The Friendly Funny Witchy Witch; Boboy – The Scary Gentle Mask; TPaz – The Dracula’s Beauty Mom;  Solpre – The Blonde Hannah Bride of Dracula; Wilm – The Curly Blonde Psycho Gaga with her cutie super kid ;TTess – The Chinita Charming Witch; Joys – The Fashionista Daring Witch; Tess2 – The Sequined Masked … Continue reading Unleashing The Inner Tween In Us – “The Play”

Birthday Celebrants for August – Greetings!

Oh, got lots of people close to me who are having their birthdays this month of August. Happy Birthday Chaki! You’re one amazing guy! Enjoy and be happy! I hope you liked the veggie spaghetti a la chaki! I wish God will grant all your dreams in life. Hugs, hugs, hugs, mwah!   Happy Birthday to Katjoyever and Roselyn. It’s been a long time I haven’t seen you guys. Ever, I wish you a successful career and a right love life! Mwah! Happy Birthday Jeco! Enjoy and take a break. I wish you’ll always be filled with love and happiness with … Continue reading Birthday Celebrants for August – Greetings!

Birthday Celebrants for July

Got a bunch of awesome people to greet this month and it’s nice to be able to say, Happy, happy birthday to the following amazing beautiful ladies: To my dearest Mimi (July 25) and Rona (July 8) . Love you both….mwah! To my friends Daday , Olga,  Jovell and ……. to cutie  and pretty  Erynn G. Happy , happy birthday to you all! Wish you all the good things in life.

Birthday Greetings For March Celebrants

Happy Birthday Luci (3/2) ! Happy Birthday Ilven (3/6)! Best wishes to you guys! Pisces – The last sign of the zodiac, “gathers all of the wisdom from the journey of the other signs and uses this wisdom to seek an experience of life that transcends the boundaries of our material world. Sometimes this is done through spirituality or mysticism, sometimes through drugs, alcohol or television, but the ultimate goal is to experience something beyond the Self. Pisces is gentle, sensitive and empathetic, with a seemingly boundless compassion for the plight of others. Their connection to the spiritual realms inspires … Continue reading Birthday Greetings For March Celebrants