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The Mother Who Rocked The Cradle!

I don’t mind saying the same salient features about my mother over and over again. I thank God for making mothers like mine! For me, she was the greatest! Even if she’s no longer visibly around, she remains  a guide, protector and a friend. There were times that she appeared to me in my dreams together with my Dad, who left years ahead of her, making me feel that they are still looking after their children, appreciating of our accomplishments and comforting us in our trials and tribulations. When it comes to my parents, I tend to be emotionally fragile, … Continue reading The Mother Who Rocked The Cradle!

How To Battle Colds and Allergies: Tips and Thoughts

Allergies (e.g. hay fever) and colds can occur any time, anywhere to any person. In frigid countries like the U.S., allergies and colds usually are at the peak in spring season of the year. It is during this time that plant blooms and pollen grains from trees get into the bodily system resulting to itchy, stuffy, sneezy, runny noses and red-teary eyes, making it miserable for one to move and do things normally. In tropical countries, it is during December (colder days) and summer (very warm) times that colds and allergies commonly happen. Based on a certain survey conducted in … Continue reading How To Battle Colds and Allergies: Tips and Thoughts

Caregiving: An Underrated Job?

Did you know that November is the National Family Caregiver Month? I really didn’t have any slightest idea that the entire month of November is dedicated for caregivers until LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) forwarded  an invitation regarding a symposium on related matters with medical practitioners of the Department of Social Work and the New York Hospital Queens (NYQH) attending the said event. The National Caregiver Month was primarily designed to honor the millions of caregivers throughout the globe, especially the women, who have persevered in their duties caring for sick loved ones, for people they don’t know from day … Continue reading Caregiving: An Underrated Job?

Organizing A Choir – 3rd Series of Tips and Thoughts

Hello, folks, I’m here again to blog about the subject. Please bear with me, if I may sound like so excited to give you updates on how our choir is doing. It is just so amazing how God answers prayers – indeed, sometimes in really strange unexpected ways, right? As in some choir groups, our newly formed choir is made up of busy volunteers from our parish who view their membership as a stewardship of their 3T’s, time, treasure and talent? Rather than being with their respective families during weekends, the members find time to be with the group for … Continue reading Organizing A Choir – 3rd Series of Tips and Thoughts

Practical Useful Tips To Stay Young, Live Longer, and Age Happily!

Let’s face it, majority of us women start to be mindful of our physical looks, regardless of our status in life , as we reach the age of 30’s  or even earlier.Not only that, the adolescent girls of today in fact are much even image obsessed and stressed to hell, if they don’t approve of what they see of themselves in the mirror. My take on this is that this outlook may be normal and could be attributed to our human nature – that preferably we would want as much as possible to look good , stay young and live … Continue reading Practical Useful Tips To Stay Young, Live Longer, and Age Happily!

Effective, Tested, Real and Useful Diet Tips

What? You’re on a diet! As unthinkable as it sounds, it is to some people who are not food conscious and who do not wish to think about the word “diet” at all!  So, what is a diet? In relation to food, the web defines it as follows: 1. What person eats, the food that a person usually consumes; 2. Controlled intake of food and drink designed for weight loss, for health or religious reasons , or to control or improve a medical condition; and 3. Regular intake of something . Among the three descriptions cited above, let’s focus on … Continue reading Effective, Tested, Real and Useful Diet Tips

Useful Tips On How To Widen Circle of Friends

Did you know that February is the International Friendship Month? Well, Yes! So, that makes it extraordinary and timely to celebrate the special bond among friends! I remember this particular verse from a song: “No man is an island, No man stands alone..” which merely reiterates that all people throughout the world, even great men and women, recognize the importance of friendship. This blog is my way of appreciating and paying tribute to the word “Friendship” and to all of my wonderful friends! Here are some tips on how to win new friends: 1. Knock on Door of Your Neighbors … Continue reading Useful Tips On How To Widen Circle of Friends