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“Conditional Cash Transfer: How It Helps Poor Family

Lydia, a widow in her late 30’s and with five (5) children, lives in one of the poorest rural places in the Philippines. Just like majority of the women in the said place, Lydia is a homemaker who is used to spending most of her time attending to their young children’s needs even during the time when her husband was still strong to till the soil of their landlord. Despite the hardships, Lydia and her husband were happy and contented with what they have, with the only one full meal a day, and even without the basic needs for their … Continue reading “Conditional Cash Transfer: How It Helps Poor Family

Aaah, Such A Beautiful Fall Foliage!

I recall it was fall season when I decided to pursue my dreams of being able to contribute some itty-bitty good things in life via the blogosphere. Yes, even in small things, in everyday experiences, we can found true inspiration and greatness in them! It is fall season once again in the U.S and in some other parts of the globe and leaves of trees have started to gleam different kinds of fall colors, while others are fading and getting fragile as if it is like a sequel of a mysterious fairytale! The same is true with blogging.  As mentioned … Continue reading Aaah, Such A Beautiful Fall Foliage!

The Online Romance of “Brad and Angelina”: Tips and Thoughts

For confidentiality, let’s call the main characters of this true to life story: “Brad” and “Angelina”. Objectives: To raise awareness about online romance in social networking sites; To provide tips on how to survive after a failed marriage; and To prevent similarly situated cases from occurring in the future Overview: Social networking sites are sources to millions of people worldwide for anything, e.g. business, job search, love, marriage, as in name it, you got it! It was here that Angelina, a pretty, single and young urban professional Filipina in her late 20’s met her husband Brad, an Australian of her … Continue reading The Online Romance of “Brad and Angelina”: Tips and Thoughts

The Value Of Quality Learning: A Three-Pronged Effort

I have always perceived the U.S., an advanced economy, as the place where one can find the best of everything, especially in education system. This may be the reason why some people in most of developing economies, would strive their best to acquire a scholarship grant so as to achieve their dreams of getting higher education in an Ivy League schools or any schools for that matter in the U.S. (or in any developed countries), with the expectation that when they return home they would be able to pull back their ailing country from the brink of economic collapse either … Continue reading The Value Of Quality Learning: A Three-Pronged Effort

Loyalty To One’s Country:A Forgotten Virtue? – Tips and Thoughts

The song “”Bayan Ko” (or “My Country”) describes in so many  ways a person’s loyalty to one's country, like that  of a person who is in a far-off place facing sacrifices and challenges.  For those who are not well versed with the song and therefore couldn't relate with its message, in view of language barrier, it doesn't really matter but for those who may be curious to know what it is all about, the song simply refers to nationalism and loyalty to one's country. This blog shall not endeavor to dig into the origins of the song, its evolution and how … Continue reading Loyalty To One’s Country:A Forgotten Virtue? – Tips and Thoughts

Moving Forward……

My blog is 8 months old now and  I recall it was almost springtime when it was launched. The trees at Forest Park have started to grow leaves in full  and spread and so was my blogging! (Forest Park, Queens, New York at spring time -courtesy of www.myusefultips.com) It’s fall season now and it’s a beautiful time of year,  full of color and crisp fresh air. Autumn leaves are colorful, bright, warm and vibrant. (Forest Park, Queens, NYC at fall time) However, they gently fall off tree and wither eventually. To some, blogging may be likened to an autumn leaf. As … Continue reading Moving Forward……

Cool Useful Tips For A Nice Read – Nine Rooms of Happiness

This new released book jointly authored by Lucy Danziger and Catherine Birndorf may be more or less interrelated with my earlier write up about tips for staying young, living longer and aging happily. The suggested tips which were spelled out in the said particular blog could very well echo the approaches mentioned in the book on how to make every woman’s life and dreams a reality – despite the blotches, weaknesses, trials and tribulations encountered in every room in the house.  The said book is a short story, a metaphor which basically describes all about women’s dreams, complications, frustrations and … Continue reading Cool Useful Tips For A Nice Read – Nine Rooms of Happiness