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The Flame of God’s Love-What An “Easterly”Feeling!

The Easter Vigil with the blessing of the Easter Fire, Oil, Water and the Paschal Candle, gives me a strange feeling of excitement ever since my childhood days.  I don’t know why it gives me goose bumps. It continues to amaze me probably because I liken it to the tradition of lighting a bonfire during a Girl Scouts camping season! But the said excitement has quite changed to a different level as time passes by. The manner on how the Easter Vigil tradition is being undertaken makes it more significant, e.g. the gathering of the parishioners around the Easter Fire … Continue reading The Flame of God’s Love-What An “Easterly”Feeling!

The Resurrection of Christ: Its Impact On Us

Easter Sunday is one of the favorite holidays not only in the United States but in other countries as well. However, it appears that the real essence of Easter has been changed by its commercial dimension. It has been highly commercialized for sometime now instilling in us particularly the kids that Easter Sunday is about fun and fancy with candies, baskets, bunnies, jellies, plastic things and other egg hunting related activities. While interesting and fancy activities may bring joy to kids and families on Easter Sunday, we have to be reminded that its spiritual aspect (e.g. hearing mass, etc. ) … Continue reading The Resurrection of Christ: Its Impact On Us

How Can Working People Make Their Holy Week Holy: Tips and Thoughts

In certain places, the celebration  of Holy Week is not strictly observed unless you are situated in a predominant catholic country.   If you are a Christian, a Catholic for that matter, residing in a country such  as the United States  where Holy Week is not considered as an important non-working official holiday, there is a need to plan ahead on how to make the  Holy Week  a meaningful one, especially if with working engagements to attend to.   U.S. employers typically would want minimum notice for vacation leave applications, otherwise, you may end up opting for  a “sick call” or not … Continue reading How Can Working People Make Their Holy Week Holy: Tips and Thoughts


FEATURED ARTICLE By: Wenn I.* Now in its 4rth year of organizing bowling tournaments, the Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental of New York, Inc. (CDO MIS-OR NY, Inc.) hosted  its annual bowling event for 2012 on Sunday afternoons (March 25th -April 8th) at the famous AMF Lanes in NYC. Considered as one of its fund raising efforts, the said event was held to augment the needed financial requirements for the Association’s forthcoming charitable projects. The fun and excitement were merely secondary but it turned the event even more successful making the members, participants,  invited bowling enthusiasts and guests to actually … Continue reading A FUN WAY TO FUND RAISE – TIPS AND THOUGHTS

Easter Fun Kids Day – Useful Tips

On a lighter note, people from all over the world celebrated Easter Sunday according to their respective traditions. We see various popular icons symbolizing Easter such as Easter eggs,  Easter bunny, Easter lily, Easter basket, Easter flower pots, Easter chocolate and cookies , Easter bell and yes! there is also Easter fish and many more. The most prominent and observed is the egg hunting activity during Easter day, especially for the children, regardless of whether or not you’re doing it for 5 or a hundred children, it doesn’t matter. I did this before and have witnessed that this activity could … Continue reading Easter Fun Kids Day – Useful Tips

Easter Sunday – MyUsefulTips Joyful Reflection!

In non-tropical countries, Easter season occurs during springtime and springtime comes immediately after winter. It is during this season of the year, when cold days are fading and sun starts shining brightly, rivers coming back to life, animals are roaming again freely from hibernation, lifeless brown trunks starting to put on leaves and flowers blooming once again. What a sight to behold! One of the memorable events I recall about Easter time happened during my childhood days. People were looking forward for Easter season to witness the re-enactment of the meeting of Jesus and Mary after His Resurrection. I remember … Continue reading Easter Sunday – MyUsefulTips Joyful Reflection!