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Organizing A Choir – First Series of Useful Tips And Thoughts

Last February, I received a communication from the Apostolate requesting me to guide and lead the singing during the mass. Wow, what an effortless request! But little did I know that it was a form of spiritual leadership accompanied by a critical responsibility brought upon on my shoulder. What could I say? How could I say no to the call for help for God’s glory? I simply responded in affirmative, and everything started there! I thought that was one way of touching me to be of help to others in the humblest way I can, which incidentally is one of … Continue reading Organizing A Choir – First Series of Useful Tips And Thoughts

About Me

A native from the Eastern part of the globe and currently in the West (USA), then East-West, East-West, East….and so on and so forth. A wanderer, so to speak! A reluctant traveler , (has avionophobia – fear of air travels) yet was able to withstand thru prayers and guts. Had the chance to visit places in Asia: like the Bangkok-Thailand, Hongkong, Hanoi-Vietnam, Taiwan-Taipei , Singapore, New Delhi, and other places in India , major cities (Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and other places) in Pakistan and the Philippines; Europe: such as Austria-Vienna, Rome-Italy, Frankfurt-Germany, and London, Stratford (Riveravon), Birmingham-England; Wellington … Continue reading About Me