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Oscar de la Renta: The King of Suave!

I just mentioned Oscar de la Renta as one of the fashion giants in my previous blog (Elegance Never Goes Out of Style) and suddenly 6 days later news about his death (due to cancer after 82 years of staying on  earth) were flashed on TV. The fashion world mourned for the demise of one of its legendary fashion icons who was famous for his lavish haute couture creations worn by a diverse group of distinguished women (from Jacqueline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton to Michelle Obama) and Hollywood celebrities. Frankly, I don’t own a dress designed by Mr. de la Renta … Continue reading Oscar de la Renta: The King of Suave!

Abaca/Banana Fibers: An Exotic Fabric For “Sustainable” Fashion

Who would imagine that a stiff hard fiber sourced from an “abaca” plant and/or banana plant could be used as an alternative to conventional raw materials for avant-garde clothing and other fashion accessories? This is actually true and possible!  In fact the said raw materials have been in existence and useful in some areas of the globe and in various ways even before the outbreak of World War 1! Originating from a tropical country, I have known “Abaca” plant and its utilization but regrettably I haven’t seen the tree itself with my naked eye as of yet. I understand the … Continue reading Abaca/Banana Fibers: An Exotic Fabric For “Sustainable” Fashion

Fashion For The “Have-Less” And The “Have-Nots”- Tips and Thoughts

  In these precarious times due to the depressing economy, only those in the upper echelons of society (“the haves” and the “have-mores”) are willing and able to spend thousands of green bucks for high fashion, avant-garde and haute couture dressing. A classic example was the recently concluded (4/29) royal wedding of England's Prince William and Kate Middleton where socialites made their respective fashion headlines from head to toe. But, for average and middle-class fashion stalwarts and wannabes (who may still fall under the category of the “haves” ), they  would think twice on whether or not to spend their hard-earned … Continue reading Fashion For The “Have-Less” And The “Have-Nots”- Tips and Thoughts