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“Womenomics” Boosts Japan’s Super Moms To Rock The Boardrooms!

In line with the celebration of the Women’s Month/International Women’s Day,  which is usually held in March, this blog shall specifically delve on Japan’s innovative set of policies called “Womenomics” which was formulated primarily to complement “Abenomics” and to revitalize Japan’s long-moribund economy. Under the said revitalization program, Japan’s Government is set to implement pro-women economic measures which empower Japanese women to play a vital role in the workplace. Despite its prosperity and being one of the G7 industrialized nations, Japan is still faced with mounting challenges. While the global economy inched up in terms of economic growth,  Japan’s economy … Continue reading “Womenomics” Boosts Japan’s Super Moms To Rock The Boardrooms!

“Women Empowerment” – Does It Ring A Bell to Victims of Domestic Violence?

This year marks the 100th year anniversary of the International Women’s Day. As tribute to women from all walks of life, I posted a brief article on the subject early this year, specifically on how women throughout the globe commemorated the said event. Before 2010 concludes, there are two interesting “voiceless” events this year which  need a chock-full support: one is in October which is for Domestic Violence Awareness and another in November which pertains to the Elimination of Violence Against Women. I am neither an activist nor a feminist, as a matter of fact I can be submissive under … Continue reading “Women Empowerment” – Does It Ring A Bell to Victims of Domestic Violence?

A Special Tribute

  As a tribute to my Mom,”Inay Aying” (who was in herself an epitome of an ideal homemaker and an empowered woman in her own right) and to all the women    worldwide, myusefultips.com will reserve the month of March blogging on various tips on certain matters concerning women in general.  There are other complementary reasons: 1. The International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8, 2010; and    2. The Month of March particularly in the US has been designated as the “Women’s History Month”. I have always been proud and enjoy my life as a woman — not just because … Continue reading A Special Tribute