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Counting Blessings: A Secret To Happiness!

“Count your blessings” is an old adage we hear oftentimes from people which most of us can relate to regardless of location, ability, gender and socio-economic status. But how frequent do people  count their blessings?  Always? Once, twice,  thrice a day?   We really don’t have any idea and there is no way we can quantify it, there is no rule of thumb for this!   As long as we are happy and contented despite the lack of resources, that should be the very essence of life. The fact that we are willing to share what we have with the … Continue reading Counting Blessings: A Secret To Happiness!

Always and Forever……

  Since we were friends, Since we held hands, Since we went on our first date, I have always been attracted to you.   Since we first held each other, Since that first long kiss, Since we felt that long embrace, I have always been excited to be with you.   Since we had long talks late into the night, Since we laughed until our bellies hurt, Since we first said "I Love You", I have always been so happy to be with you.   Since we felt skin on skin, Since we first made love, Since we first slept … Continue reading Always and Forever……

“Ocean Deep” – “What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Tips and Thoughts

Sure, oceans are really deep! But what the heck love got to do with it! Candidly, these two songs just popped out of my mind and as you decide to go through reading this post you may as well be thrilled of the circumstances surrounding the subject matter. It is simply amazing that one can actually compose a sentence, a paragraph or even a title of an article using lines from songs or even labels of certain songs, just like what I have for you now. The topic consists of two-pronged subject: “Ocean Deep”, a love pop song and What’s … Continue reading “Ocean Deep” – “What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Tips and Thoughts