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Halloween: It’s Nothing But Just Fun!

Halloween is actually celebrated on the eve of October 31, a prelude to Christians back-to-back feasts of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. Halloween origin is associated with Celtics pagan ritual involving “demonic” and “evil” sacrifices during the season of darkness and cold, as opposed to Christian perspective on Halloween which basically calls for prayers and intentions for departed loved ones. However, in this day and age of commercialization, young and old alike opt to participate and enjoy the fun of Halloween despite its negative significance. Ready-made costumes, decors, and special candies all became widely available in malls. The kids … Continue reading Halloween: It’s Nothing But Just Fun!

The Suffering Souls : How To Be Of Help To Them?

  Catholics throughout the globe are commemorating two very important feast/holy days on the first two days of November, namely: All Saints Day (November 1st) and All Souls Day (November 2nd). Nowadays, we almost celebrate everything for everyone. We have Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandmother's Day, and even Pet's Day! So, how could we forget the holy men and women who are now in Heaven and our departed loved ones who might still be in purgatory? As such, the Catholic church allotted the first two days of November for the Saints in Heaven and for the departed souls, respectively. Some … Continue reading The Suffering Souls : How To Be Of Help To Them?

A Trick or Treat?

Unlike in developing economies wherein majority of the people are struggling to make ends meet, Halloween fun is considered big deal for most of the kids and teens in developed countries like the United States. Lots of halloween hullabaloos (e.g. events, parties, products) about the holiday are being advertised via the tri-media prior to the Halloween night, held in the evening of October 31st , mainly to entice customers into buying or patronizing related products. Some people would then either buy Halloween stuffs, from decors to food, for their homes or trick-or-treating for kids or throw Halloween parties for family and … Continue reading A Trick or Treat?

Smart, Efficient, and Useful Grocery Shopping Tips

Believe me guys, I am the type of consumer who can be excited and who looks forward to making her trip to the supermarket.  For me, it is like going to the mall to shop for my shoes, clothes and other fashion stuffs- the only difference ……..is the tax! As a matter of fact, grocery shopping is even more challenging and a fun-filled task, once you get the hang of it. This is where my smartness and sheer business acumen comes into the picture! To some, it may be stressful especially if it is done with a limited budget for … Continue reading Smart, Efficient, and Useful Grocery Shopping Tips