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Poverty: A Serious Malady

I have seen the sad reality of disparity between the rich and the poor and this gap continues to widen through the years and is almost happening in all parts of the globe, particularly in underdeveloped and developing countries where people are predominantly poor. As of 2014, about 80% of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening. This bleak scenario becomes even worse when victims, particularly the children, of the disaster of poverty can no longer open their eyes and would have no other choice but to wait for their time to die of hunger, to … Continue reading Poverty: A Serious Malady

UN Zeroing In On Zero Targets For HIV/AIDS : HELLO?

Last week, the United Nations General Assembly (GA) convened a high-level meeting to discuss critical issues, particularly on how to address the global problem on HIV and AIDS. As mentioned in earlier blog article under MDG (Millenium Development Goals) category, one of the targets (Target #6) ) included in the UN-MDG is to combat HIV-AIDS by halting and reversing the spread of the disease by 2015 via adoption of various strategies. The said meeting lasted for three days and Government leaders and its representatives in attendance reaffirmed previous commitments and came up with resolutions which shall serve as guidelines of … Continue reading UN Zeroing In On Zero Targets For HIV/AIDS : HELLO?

P3s: What Does It Mean To The Poor-A Quick Glimpse- Tips and Thoughts

Now the buzzword in the blogosphere for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), P3s have re-emerged as a result of the global economic crisis and as one of the fiscal reforms adopted by certain Governments throughout the globe, primarily to expand needed infrastructures and generate revenues for priority expenditures, among other objectives. I came to know P3s when I used to head an office on an ad-hoc basis which serves as a technical staff to the Chairman of a cabinet-level policy making body overseeing privatization related matters.  It was during this time when the non-performing assets under the first wave of privatization have been … Continue reading P3s: What Does It Mean To The Poor-A Quick Glimpse- Tips and Thoughts