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A Glass of Clean Water, Please?

Pope Francis once made a call for everyone to recognize the importance of protecting “water” as it is the “most essential element for life”. He said “humanity’s future depends on our ability to care for it and share it”. He encouraged governments to ensure that water supplies are protected and accessible to all. Definitely, the above-captioned subject with a big question mark does not emanate from some of us who have access to and can afford to pay for an adequate supply of potable drinking water. Rather, the said plea comes from those who are facing water scarcity or even … Continue reading A Glass of Clean Water, Please?

A Fashion Show For A Good Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness

My cousin who is based in Canada learned about her breast cancer 10 years ago. She was in remission for few years but unfortunately the harmful cells went beyond the affected areas, spreading to another major part of her body. But she’s amazing, she gets up each day and brave enough to fight and overcome the agony, hoping and praying for God’s miracle that her cancer cells will be eliminated. As I’m writing this blog, I can’t help but imagine the physical and emotional pain she’s currently going through. I am powerless but I can only offer my best wishes … Continue reading A Fashion Show For A Good Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness

The “Runway Revolution” At The New York’s 2015 Fashion Week!

Whenever “fashion” is being talked about, the inner drive in me sparks and it comes naturally.   It is probably because of my admiration and passion about this industry even to the minutest detail, including simple trinkets and other accessories. Hence, the inclusion of “Fashion” category in my blog site. Fashion especially in runways particularly in fashion capitals of the world such as New York City among others, is still being associated with glamour and beauty, catering to “fit” models who are tall, pin-thin, young and pretty. While this concept may still be true up to now, the recent Fashion … Continue reading The “Runway Revolution” At The New York’s 2015 Fashion Week!

Poverty: A Serious Malady

I have seen the sad reality of disparity between the rich and the poor and this gap continues to widen through the years and is almost happening in all parts of the globe, particularly in underdeveloped and developing countries where people are predominantly poor. As of 2014, about 80% of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening. This bleak scenario becomes even worse when victims, particularly the children, of the disaster of poverty can no longer open their eyes and would have no other choice but to wait for their time to die of hunger, to … Continue reading Poverty: A Serious Malady

Abaca/Banana Fibers: An Exotic Fabric For “Sustainable” Fashion

Who would imagine that a stiff hard fiber sourced from an “abaca” plant and/or banana plant could be used as an alternative to conventional raw materials for avant-garde clothing and other fashion accessories? This is actually true and possible!  In fact the said raw materials have been in existence and useful in some areas of the globe and in various ways even before the outbreak of World War 1! Originating from a tropical country, I have known “Abaca” plant and its utilization but regrettably I haven’t seen the tree itself with my naked eye as of yet. I understand the … Continue reading Abaca/Banana Fibers: An Exotic Fabric For “Sustainable” Fashion

First Week of Spring – Tip For Big Apple’s Visitors (St. Patrick’s Day)

There are compelling reasons why I would like to write about St. Patrick’s  Day  as exception to the rule and a slight deviation from the primary objective of my blog site, particularly for the month of March . Nevertheless, for those who have been following my site, you will still find more or less useful tips for women in this article as you read along the way. Here are the rationale: 1.In recognition of and with due respect to St. Patrick whom I do admire for his courage and endurance. At a very young adolescent age he already faced such … Continue reading First Week of Spring – Tip For Big Apple’s Visitors (St. Patrick’s Day)