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The Joy of Joining A Multi-Choir Gig: A Precious Moment

  Two months ago, myusefultips.com posted an article about the feast day of San Lorenzo Ruiz at St. Patrick's Cathedral wherein a large choir, composed of representatives of various choir groups in NYC, performed during the said event. Some of these choir members will have the chance to do it again on the 3rd of December to kick-off the “Dawn Masses” or “Simbang Gabi” which is a tradition in some parts of the globe and which is also timely as it is the 1st of the series of the 4 Sundays of Advent. As mentioned in the previous blogs, choir music … Continue reading The Joy of Joining A Multi-Choir Gig: A Precious Moment

Easter Sunday – MyUsefulTips Joyful Reflection!

In non-tropical countries, Easter season occurs during springtime and springtime comes immediately after winter. It is during this season of the year, when cold days are fading and sun starts shining brightly, rivers coming back to life, animals are roaming again freely from hibernation, lifeless brown trunks starting to put on leaves and flowers blooming once again. What a sight to behold! One of the memorable events I recall about Easter time happened during my childhood days. People were looking forward for Easter season to witness the re-enactment of the meeting of Jesus and Mary after His Resurrection. I remember … Continue reading Easter Sunday – MyUsefulTips Joyful Reflection!