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Rebuilding Lives After “Yolanda”: The Third Year

Three years ago (November 8, 2013), one of my sisters whose family is based in Tacloban City experienced the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda (a.k.a “Haiyan”) coupled with an unexpected vicious storm surge, leaving tens of thousands homeless, more than 6 thousand people killed and several properties destroyed. Everyone was in anxiety and panic mode at that time, hoping and praying that nobody was harmed. While my sister’s house in Tacloban wasn’t badly hit by the storm, their weekend staycation beach house located in a place in Samar (where Tacloban Airport can be viewed from afar) was completely washed into the … Continue reading Rebuilding Lives After “Yolanda”: The Third Year

“The Music That Moves Lives”: A Corporate Social Responsibility

Even before the word “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) was coined, the business culture of giving back to the community has already been practiced by small and medium enterprises in all corners of the world. This could be either through simple acts of kindness, e.g. sponsoring uniforms for a particular local sports team, handing over small packs of goodies to loyal customers during holidays and anniversaries, etc.) or maintaining good communication and customer relationship which have been proven to be effective schemes in achieving good reputation, quality service and customer’s loyalty. Nowadays, CSR is a must-have/must-do strategy for large and even … Continue reading “The Music That Moves Lives”: A Corporate Social Responsibility