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The Go-To Saint For Mr. Right

The month of March is referred to as the month of St. Joseph (although St. Patrick’s Day is also being celebrated in March especially in US and Ireland) because of his feast day which falls on March 19th. St. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus Christ and the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Because of his pure love, fidelity, fortitude, and obedience, St. Joseph has earned  many wonderful titles. He is considered as the Patron of the Catholic Church, Families, Workers, Virgins, Exiles, and is likewise being invoked for a happy and holy death. But most importantly, St. … Continue reading The Go-To Saint For Mr. Right

My First St. Patrick’s Day Event!

St. Patrick is one of the saints I admire because of his courage and endurance even at a young age. According to one of his life stories, St. Patrick was abducted by thieves when he was young and sold into slavery in Ireland where he worked as a shepherd which lasted until he was 20 years of age. The hardships and trials he encountered being a slave led him to a deep and profound spirituality. He escaped after years of capitivity and went back to his homeland in Scotland and was reunited with his family. He studied priesthood and was … Continue reading My First St. Patrick’s Day Event!

First Week of Spring – Tip For Big Apple’s Visitors (St. Patrick’s Day)

There are compelling reasons why I would like to write about St. Patrick’s  Day  as exception to the rule and a slight deviation from the primary objective of my blog site, particularly for the month of March . Nevertheless, for those who have been following my site, you will still find more or less useful tips for women in this article as you read along the way. Here are the rationale: 1.In recognition of and with due respect to St. Patrick whom I do admire for his courage and endurance. At a very young adolescent age he already faced such … Continue reading First Week of Spring – Tip For Big Apple’s Visitors (St. Patrick’s Day)