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Honoris Causa For PDuterte: An Aborted Plan!

The “plan” to confer an honorary doctorate degree on Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte by the University of the Philippines (UP) Board of Regent (BOR) was aborted easily by no less than the President himself.  Duterte declined to accept the conferment for a very simple reason: Accepting such degrees or any kind of distinction is not within his policy, not in his wildest dreams, not in his blood, and not even a hidden desire for it  ever since he was a Mayor of Davao City! The said “plan” which was disclosed and disseminated via social media triggered several reactions and impressions from … Continue reading Honoris Causa For PDuterte: An Aborted Plan!

Bonding With “The Madz” – A Power House Group

(Feature Article) The world-renowned University of the Philippines (U.P.) Madrigal Singers (a.k.a “Madz” ) had a series of performances in the U.S. this year's fall season for about two months (September-October) that culminated two days ago in Queens, NYC, and after having two presentations in NYC (one in Manhattan and another in Bronx) and in New Jersey which were all jam packed with crowds of all kinds of people. I have known the Madz several years back in the entertainment field and since then I have so much admiration of their renditions of all kinds of songs. Every time Madz … Continue reading Bonding With “The Madz” – A Power House Group