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Rebuilding Lives After “Yolanda”: The Third Year

Three years ago (November 8, 2013), one of my sisters whose family is based in Tacloban City experienced the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda (a.k.a “Haiyan”) coupled with an unexpected vicious storm surge, leaving tens of thousands homeless, more than 6 thousand people killed and several properties destroyed. Everyone was in anxiety and panic mode at that time, hoping and praying that nobody was harmed. While my sister’s house in Tacloban wasn’t badly hit by the storm, their weekend staycation beach house located in a place in Samar (where Tacloban Airport can be viewed from afar) was completely washed into the … Continue reading Rebuilding Lives After “Yolanda”: The Third Year

A Second Glimpse of Boracay After A Decade – The First Day!

Ten years ago, I organized a workshop together with other lead agencies  for certain government officials and staff held in Boracay Island, Philippines. The said workshop was all expenses paid, including first class accommodation and lodging, partly funded under a USAID grant for four days and three nights. It was specifically held at Club Panoly, an exclusive beach resort in the said island, about 15-minute tricycle drive from the island’s commercial center or the so-called “d’ mall” of the main long white beach, as popularly known today. Despite it being an official trip, the organizers reserved a half day tour … Continue reading A Second Glimpse of Boracay After A Decade – The First Day!