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Buying And Using Eco-Friendly Products – Useful Tips For “Greenhorns”

Let’s admit it, most of us consumers have not been so keen and zealous in our stance towards green living. As mentioned in my earlier blog, I for one am not quite an eco-friendly product enthusiast despite my positive outlook on the importance of the use of and patronage for the said products. I have tried using earth friendly products in the past up to now but it is only for very few items. This kind of a so-so attitude towards going all out for a green world is not only true to me but to the majority, especially those … Continue reading Buying And Using Eco-Friendly Products – Useful Tips For “Greenhorns”

About My Useful Tips.Com

Welcome to My Useful Tips.com or www.myusefultips.com! In this website, you will see a lot of useful tips which you may apply in your everyday life My Useful Tips.com (MUTC) blog was launched as one of the pilot projects of the various endeavors the owner intends to undertake through the years. Its objective is primarily to provide useful means whereby all people from all walks of life (regardless of location, religion, race, sex, or financial stature ,etc.) shall hopefully be able to undertake, on their own, their day to day activities easily and smoothly . It attempts to encompass most, if … Continue reading About My Useful Tips.Com