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My Useful Tips’ 5th Year In The Blogosphere: A Blessing!

My, my, my! How fast time flies! Today, she is on her 5th year in the blogosphere, practically in her kindergarten years, but still acquiring innovative skills and useful tips  on how to thrive in the world of social media. She didn’t realize that new world of blogosphere can unearth some of her abilities and develop new friendly relationships that goes beyond a simple blog post exchange.

She could still recall, it was a bitter cold snowy night when My Useful Tips was launched, nostalgic evoking fond memories but with happiness,  and with the help of a very talented software developer who was very supportive of this endeavor. I say thank you so so much!

While this may seem a small project to some, the blogosphere is a big place which kept her busy duirng her spare time, like a giant leap from her previous interests. During her first year, blogging occupied her time finding new things like a “lifelong” learning process. And fortunately she was able to thrive in this worldwide web as she’s open to something new, something that ignites not only to her but other people’s interests as well (hopefully)!

On her 5th year, she wants to thank all of her readers, from those who have been with her since day one and her new friends in social media.  Your loyalty, support, criticism (yes, criticism whether it is done silently, vocally, constructively, oppressively, etc.!) and passion kept her on her toes and continually inspire her. As usual, Spirituality, Community Development, Politics and Opinions, Fashion and Environment took a big slice of the blog’s pie and no doubt likewise elicited comments from both sincere new friends and mischievous kibitzers. It is always great to see you all coming back and being a part of this blog. Thank you!

As singing occupies a little of her extra time, she would like to offer a song for all of you…..it’s one of the songs she liked to sing with her acoustic guitar.  While she digs Fugees hip-hop version of “Killing Me Softly”,  unfortunately she won’t be able to do it.  So, please bear with her  rough version of the song!  Apologies for  her singing style but she hopes the song will give you comfort and joy!  So sit back, relax and listen to it!

A happy and meaningful 5th year Anniversary!!!  Thank you, dear God!

One response to “My Useful Tips’ 5th Year In The Blogosphere: A Blessing!”

  1. Kool says:

    Congratulations on your 5th! Nice soft voice!!