Birthday Greetings For March Celebrants

Happy Birthday Luci (3/2) ! Happy Birthday Ilven (3/6)! Best wishes to you guys! Pisces – The last sign of the zodiac, “gathers all of the wisdom from the journey of the other signs and uses this wisdom to seek an experience of life that transcends the boundaries of our material world. Sometimes this is done through spirituality or mysticism, sometimes through drugs, alcohol or television, but the ultimate goal is to experience something beyond the Self. Pisces is gentle, sensitive and empathetic, with a seemingly boundless compassion for the plight of others. Their connection to the spiritual realms inspires creativity, and they are often artistic, with vivid imaginations.” Happy Bday Rachel! (3/12) Wow! Cutie “little big” princesses in here … (why little big? Oh, this is a compromise because she wants to be called big girl, not little girl!) and the birthday tarot (ube) cake and mango cake from Rid Ribbon ….soooooo yummy and mouthwatering! Yep, Rib Ribbon has recently opened its new branch here in NYC. rachel'sbdaycake and her guests….the charming supportive ever titas! charmingtitas