Blog 1st Year Anniversary Announcement – “Blovesary” Fun Contest!

Hello everyone! This month I would like to share a special and unique anniversary with you all. On the last week of February is the first birthday of And to celebrate it, I will be posting a blog on the day itself of the anniversary specifically about its experience and related stuffs. To top it all, myusefultips will be hosting a give-away as an expression of gratitude to you all for being part of this blog! Since this is the month of LOVE, I’ll call it “BLOVEsary give-away”. The give-away requires a challenge and participation from you. It’s a writing contest of anything under the sun! Perhaps it could touch about your love life, yourself, your advocacy in life, your experience as a migrant worker, your passion and so on and so forth. This is mainly for us to have fun on the web and to get to know each other fairly well. 


1. The contest will start today and last for a month, until the 18th of March, 11:59 p.m. (there is a significant reason for  this). This is  also to give you ample time to compose the article. It could be a one or two-page write-up (single space). The write-up should be in English.

2. It’s open to all. Local and international, old and new readers/followers/visitors of myusefultips are welcome to participate. Teens, under 18 yrs of age, should get their parents permission first before participating.

3. To paticipate in and enter the “blovesary” give-away contest,  just comment on this post with the write-up to be attached and sent to

4. There will be 3 Winners (in any order) and they will be notified via email. Prizes will be on first come-first served basis. First response  gets the first choice of prize, second response gets their first choice if it’s still available, otherwise their second choice and so on. If a winner does not reply within a week, a new winner will be selected.

5. has the discretion to change the prizes without prior notice and likewise terminate the contest should problem arise.


1. Winners will have the option to choose a selection of give-aways, as shown below (photos may not register the actual appearance of the products): a Taste of Home quick  cooking tips book,       simple MP3 players,      Victoria Secret sports sexy top,

Espirit sunglasses, imported scarf/shawl,    a Calvin klein maroon wallet,

a Museum artefacts all silk tie,, Eddie Bauer denim belt, Lancome tote bag with make up kit

,  Guess pink stone ring, NYC white hat, Necklace with matching earrings and Laura Rowe bracelet, Guess spaghetti light gray blouse,   light yellow korean silk  scarf, Ralph Lauren polo hat, Clinique make up kit with mini beauty products, Type 2 Diabetes Recipe Book, a yellow Old Navy rain jacket, blue/white rubber shoes, yellow walking sneakers,   

and   many more to choose from! 

2. Blog write-ups of the winners shall be published and broadcasted to the whole world via

3. Some of you may not wish to receive prizes (either you don’t need the give-aways or you just want to participate in the fun). It would still be greatly appreciated!

 Wishing you all the best of luck!

Disclaimer:  The products for give-aways are intended for the blog fun contest and are not for paid reviews or whatsoever. These products are out of pocket purchases/expenses of Other products like beauty stuffs may work for others but not necessarily for you, so please use at your own discretion. Thank you.

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  1. i like it Blog 1st Year Anniversary Announcement – Fun Contest! » My Useful Tips now im your rss reader

  2. I’m excited, how come there are only 3 winners and yet there are a lot of prizes 🙂 I suggest once the 3 major winners choose their prizes, the remaining prizes will be given away as a consolation prize 🙂

    1. You’re smart gurl! Hmmmn, I still have to consult my CFO!
      That’s why it’s a challenge! Come on, start drafting your story….who knows
      you might become one of the next famous bloggers in the blogosphere someday, just like
      Huffington post! u wish! take care….

  3. Hi!
    Congratulations on the 1st Anniversary of "".
    Cheers to you, you are brilliant!!!
    Miss you!

    1. Ton of thanks! I’m so touched and blessed by the greetings, especially coming from a person like you. Warmest regards!

  4.  Hello!
    I have submitted my entry to the blovesary give away contest.  Please check out the email.
    Miss you!

  5. I have been visiting your site for quite a while now and its fantastic – by the way, i’ve seen your blog regarding the well being difficulties going through japan because of the earthquake? I really feel soo horrible for them

    1. Thanks Chester, you’re very much welcome in this place 🙂
      If you happen to be at the home page of my site, you’ll probably read one of
      blog entries about what happened in Japan. You’re right, it was harrowing to see
      particularly the tsunami, and its effects on the lives of the Japanese.
      I think everyone was aware of the incident in Japan.
      Let’s offer any kind of help to them…..

  6. Im not sure if you still remember me. i have been here in your site a couple of years back before this was launched. Wow. You’ve gone through a lot of anniversaries already and congratulations! The web design has improved a lot from your previous blog site. You have incredible articles too. Great job!

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