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What An Epic Finale for the 2014 Men’s Wimbledon Championship

At first, I thought it was a game of “Aces” as both Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were darn good at making points in first serves. Although, it takes a lot of practice to develop a world-class expertise in tennis, particulalry the sending down of “Aces” , I was no longer enthralled on how the game was being played, it started to be a bit dull. For me, it is more exciting  to watch tennis games where 2 players rally back and forth until a point is scored. I thought whoever gets to return the ball and gets the point is more deserving than merely getting points from Aces. That’s where endurance, fortitude and real expertise of the players get to be tested!

The latter part of the game was filled with mixed emotions on the part of the global audience, including me.  It was becoming more titanic, intense, breathtaking and nerve-wracking.  It was the “greats” greatest battle in tennis, so far! I just couldn’t merely sit down and keep mum on Djokovic’s nervousness, during the endless tie-breaks, break points and set points. Gosh, I was jittery,  really hoping for Djokovic’s win, that he gets the trophy at the end of the game! Just between you and me, he was actually my bet not because of anything but of his humility, gratefulness and his outstanding sense of sportsmanship.

Believe me, the heavens took time to answer  what was in my heart and head. When Djokovic got the final winning score after a difficult overwhelming yet fascinating 5-set championship, a flash of lightning and thunderstorm occurred at the same time. Well, it might be a coincidence but it really happened! Where on earth was I at that time?

Alas, Djokovic defeated Federer! Oh, but there was no need to pluck out a piece of Briton’s grass to eat it! Come on, Novak!

What an epic finale for the 2014 Men’s Wimbledon championship of the world’s greatest players!


Note: Our father’s favorite sport was lawn tennis. He played it actually and won in some of their local tournaments. I am humbly and heartily dedicating this blog to him.  Our love and prayers…..


6 responses to “What An Epic Finale for the 2014 Men’s Wimbledon Championship”

  1. Belle says:

    Absolutely agree! The game was amazing! I couldn’t keep off my eyes from watching…Cheers!

  2. Feldob says:

    Oh, these two guys are both millionaires already. Just by playing tennis, they earn a lot while enjoying themselves play the game! That’s how unjust life is. Some people are working hard with their sweats and all, but still not earning much. And you’re still promoting them?

  3. Lauren says:

    Hi, this is an incredible post and a all round enjoyable blog! Djokovich was likewise my bet! Love the theme/design of your site…it’s nice! Keep up the fantastic job!

  4. Donna says:

    This is nice….you are able to create some “aha” moments in this write up! Will be reading more some of these….

  5. Ezekiel says:

    That’s right. The game was exciting!

  6. Trinidad says:

    This is one funny write up 🙂