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How Useful Are Trees To Us – Tips and Thoughts

Today is Arbor Day and some of us who are passionate and concerned about our environment would definitely know the relevance of this day.

Arbor, as defined in the dictionary could either mean a shady place or a trellis, referring to plants and tress. It could be surmised that the term “Arbor” originated from the Spanish words “Arbol” or in its plural form “Arboles” which means, tree or trees, respectively.

My Useful Tips had previously blogged about Earth Day activities, and one of the things mentioned therein was tree planting. Plants and trees are absolutely important not only in the atmosphere  but also in our lives. All of us throughout the world would want to grow more trees as it has been proven to be greatly useful and beneficial for our physical growth and the environs.

Since I would not be able to go out and join the various Arbor Day celebrations in the neighborhood, I would like to share the following to the young kids out there, the many awesome usages (functions and roles) of trees to our Mother Earth and mankind:

1.It keeps the air and surroundings  clean. Did you know that trees can actually absorb up to 90 lbs of carbon dioxide per year?

2.It helps humans to breath clean air because it gives off oxygen

3.From the word itself, it provides us shady places especially in extreme weathers: the wood insulates us from cold and the shady trees comfort and protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun in warmer days.

4.It beautifies our surroundings and neighborhood.

5.It provides humans livelihood and helps boost a country’s economy. Excess trees that were lumbered (wood as the raw material) are being utilized in business for man’s consumption. Some of it are used for building houses, making  furniture and fixtures, etc., for  school supplies, such as  desks, pencils, and the like.  For those in the rural areas, the sturdy wood from quality trees are used for constructing bridges and the poor used the same as firewood. The rubber which can be taken out from the sap of a rubber tree are also being traded for business and manufacturing purposes.

6.It prevents erosion, mud or landslides, global warming, thus protecting our place and people from destruction as a result of calamities and other fortuitous events.

7.It serves homes for and protects small animals, vegetable plants, shrubs and vines, and other smaller plants from wildlife damages.

8.It also gives us medicinal cures from certain diseases.

9.It helps us enjoy our recreation and picnic under the sun, and

10.Lastly, it gives us beautiful real Christmas trees during Christmas time.

If you still have more advantages and benefits  of having trees in mind, feel free to leave your comment and it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.