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Love is an Art….

Active imagination occur in my most pensive and solitary moments, providing me enough artistic freedom and critical thinking on many things. However, I am a little bit introvert which hampers my ability to expand my comfort zones making my mind go weary and confused on whether or not to say and write what I truly feel. But as fellow blogger Elizabeth Spovoba quips, the introvert reaps secret joy from the solitary life. Despite my tiny shy blood, I strive to thrive and be a lot more happy to cope up with the rigors of daily life.

At this very moment, what I can think of off the top of my head is about the people around me and real friends whom I’ve shared with worth keeping memories. Naturally, when we think of our favorite thought provoking moments, it is mostly about the beautiful things which happened to us, and one of which is LOVE! And when we speak about love being a beautiful thing, albeit abstract, we see and feel love in different hues and lines, painting and interpreting it through our eyes, minds and hearts.

The art of loving is not merely a feeling but it also involves acting. It is the process of seeing what is its significance on us, on what is inside of us and the outward appearance. Van Gogh is one classic example of an iconic artist who had expressed his love and affection through his paintings, despite everything. There was a cross-over between his visual perceptions and what he feels and thinks inside, thus making both his works of art and his love for someone more meaningful and true.

Loving someone is an an art in itself. When we’re in love, we become more sensitive and observant even to the extent of engraving our loved ones facial features in our minds and hearts. Just like an authentic painting, true love stays forever and it does not fade easily. As it ages and matures, it becomes more lovelier and priceless. A mere thought of the person we love can either put a smile or a frown on our faces depending on the situation and that’s how beautiful and artistic love is! As the saying goes, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. If we have not loved, we will sound like a “resounding gong” and a “clanging cymbal”, as St. Paul describes it. Without love, our lives would be filled with loud and noisy things instead of music and arts.

God’s greatest love for us is also an art. He molded and shaped us into His image and likeness. Without God’s love, our lives would have no meaning. God’s love for us allow us to live in “colors” not in plain “black and white”. The mere thought that God is with us in our lives is a spectacular moment of light and colors in heavens. Truly love is an art!

How about you? Is your love an art?

Note: The above photo is a compilation of paintings by visual artists.

6 responses to “Love is an Art….”

  1. Venise says:

    Hello! Just dropping by to cheer you up and wish you more happiness. This is not too often that I do this to you as there is not enough time to visit your web place. My work is just too crazy….I hope we can have a dinner date once a space is available. Proud of what you’re doing. Just keep it up and go on with the great life you have now. I miss you bff…will call you, promise! By the way, why the emo write up?

  2. Abe says:

    What’s up gurl! I can understand how you feel. It’s quite true that when you’re alone and free you can think of the special people you’ve encountered. I would say life and love have art components ….sometimes they’re bright and colorful while other times they’re sad, boring and monotonous.. Loving someone is the most precious and happiest moment in my life!

  3. Samira says:

    Love struck? The love month is over…..ah love, love, love…..

  4. Andrej says:

    Love: This is one is right up on my head now!

  5. Canadian says:

    Yes, there are so many “artsy” ways to express love!

  6. Dianne says:

    When two people express their love for each other, they don’t mind what people see of and say about them. They only care about themselves especially if the love is still fresh, colorful and blooming. That is the stage of love when it becomes an art because lovers are free to “paint” what’s love to both of them!