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Love is Real And Love is God!

Love is amazing, it comes in so many formsl and in mysterious ways! But sometimes, it is crazy too, right?

God’s love for us is the most wonderful thing in our lives, the genuineness, sans conditionalities; it is the kind of love that comes from the heart! You know what that means!

This is a preview of my next blog  about a real life situation of a whirlwind romance and marriage which turned out very differently, a shocker indeed! It is about a woman’s dream to build a “life” with her love.  In hindsight, she realized there was not enough time to know much about him because the “jackass” ended it so soon.

The song below is My Useful Tips rendition of the song….Love is real!  Feel free to click the video!  Please be patient with my guitar strumming skills.  It’s hilarious!