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What is “7” to Malaysia Airlines: Is it a Lucky Number?

Further to My Useful Tips earlier blog in March this year on the disappearance of MH 370 (feel free to click the link to read the article: http://www.myusefultips.com/final-flight-mh370the-greatest-mystery-aviation-history/#sthash.CJre6phb.dpbs),  another Malaysia Airlines plane (Flight 17)  encountered a tragic accident on July 17, 2014. While on its way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, MH 17 crashed on a conflict zone near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, near the Ukraine-Russia border, allegedly shot down by a missile, killing everyone on board: 283 passengers and 15 crew.

This is a very unfortunate incident not only for the management and staff of Malaysia Airlines but for everyone, particularly for the families whose loved ones were victims of the accident. For Malaysia Airlines, this is twice in a row in four months, and God forbid no more sorrowful incidents of this sort.

Since the investigation is still on-going on who or which group executed the deplorable downing of MH17 and on whether or not to impose sanctions on those responsible, let’s pause for a moment to say a prayer for the souls of the people who were in the said  flight. May they all rest in peace and happily in heaven. Amen.

While awaiting for the findings of the investigation by the aviation and ammo experts, I would like to share with you a queer and chilling observation about the number “7”. I am neither an admirer nor fan of numerology and its variants, I just noticed that the first Malaysian plane (MH370)  has a 7, same thing with the second plane (MH 17) which occurred on 7/17, and both of which are Boeing 777. Could it be a mere coincidence? Quite odd and scary, right? I don’t have any idea if other aircrafts of Malaysia Airlines has a 7 on its flight numbers, could it be their  lucky number?  It could also be that the year 2014 is probably not just the banner year for the subject airline company.  Hey guys,  the sum of 2+0+1+4 (2014) would equal to 7. Omg!

Number 7 is famous to everyone, it is a lucky number especially to people of Chinese heritage. But with what happened to the said two Malaysia Airlines, would number 7 be still their lucky number, or may I pose this query to you, is 7 still your lucky number?

Incidentally, TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 , a 72-seat twin-engine turboprop ATR 71, en route to Magong from Kaohsiung crashed on Wednesday (July 23) due to bad weather conditions, killing more than 50 (initially it was only 47)  people on board, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency and Reuters. Note the visibility of the number 7 in the said incident.

Just today (Thursday), another commercial plane Air Algerie (Flight AH 5017) going to Algiers also disappeared almost an hour after takeoff from the Ougadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, carrying 116 people of different nationalities.   As told to Reuters by an Algerian aviation official,  the said plane has crashed.   Again, there is 7 in the flight details.

I sincerely believe these are all purely coincidental, and I hope it really is.

A safe and happy trip to those who are planning to board a plane.  May God bless us all.

8 responses to “What is “7” to Malaysia Airlines: Is it a Lucky Number?”

  1. Eudy says:

    Oh yes, you got me there! You really have an eye for seeing other things unnoticed by some – a keen observer that is! I think too that the recent plane accidents happened by chance. There’s no connection on anything, even how and why number 7 appeared in certain circumstances. Yes, it was a coincidence.

    My deepest condolences to the families of the victims who perished in the said plane crashes.

  2. Frederick says:

    Good day! Huge thumbs up for the unique perspective on the recent airplane crashes. So unfortunate happenings though…..i can just offer my deepest sympathy to the victims.

  3. Chian says:

    whoah! that is something weird….a different kind of analyzing things! It must have been so scary for the victims to go through the ordeal of a plane tragedy. I hope and pray they are in a better situation now.

  4. Abe says:

    I didn’t know you’ve got the gift of sixth sense! The “7” issue, that’s a bit creepy….but gosh I hope it was just coincidental. By the way, I just came from Japan and when I was about to board the plane, I saw a number 7 on one of the ad boards at the boarding area. Seriously, I got scared after reading your blog!

  5. Rachele says:

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  6. MicahAubrey says:

    You are quite right, what happened to MH 370 will remain a deep aviation mystery. There are no indications what happened to the people who boarded the place. Even the researchers and experts who even wrote a book about it are relying on their intuitions and with no solid proofs, leaving the book filled with speculations. Six months has passed after the flight’s disappearance, there is still no sign or debris found on the ocean’s floor or anywhere. Just sad…

  7. JoanKenneth says:

    There’s only one person who knew what happened to flight MH370….and that is GOD!

  8. VickieFrances says:

    Until now there are no solid findings or any “word” from the Malaysian Govt. or any other Governments involved in the investigation on what really happened to the subject flight. I tend to believe that something is being covered up and to let the story die down….