My Useful Do-It Yourself Tips For Springtime: Low Cost, High Class Flower Arrangement

Springtime has officially begun two days ago. While the cool crisp air is still hovering around, the smiling sun has powerfully come out from the horizon making my days warm, brighter and  cheerful .

 Before, I dreaded the scorching heat and the humid climate in the eastern part of the globe that I would usually pine for cold spring and fall season days. It is only now that I realize the importance of sunlight, after long months of winter hibernation. Nevertheless, I am still grateful that my body has naturally and easily adapted to the 4 seasons that West has. Before I get carried away by my emotions, let’s go back to what I wanted to share with you. As you may know, one of the major benefits of sunlight is that it helps plants especially the flowers to bloom and be healthy. I am sure majority of the women will agree with me that flowers say so many things and mean so much to us, however and whatever form it may be. Flowers express everything: friendship, love and romance, appreciation, or even to merely show or let a special someone know that she is in his thoughts for a particular day.What is $5 to $10 bucks anyway for your loved one, right?

As the old adage says: “It is the thought that counts” behind the flowers, not the awesome looks (packaging and the price attached to it) and not the fragrant smell! However, it would even be meaningful if the flower come from your garden itself because you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the labor of love which you have invested in there.

Here in the US, flowers start to emerge and bloom during springtime until end of summer days.  Candidly speaking, I marvel at the sights of the lovely flowers that grows in the front yards of  our nr rrrr 

nearby neighbors.  I simply love their colors and I am impressed by their fragrance. Since childhood, one of my dreams was to have a “greenhouse” so I could plant my favorites. My wish was granted but not a greenhouse but just clay pots and unused leather tires planted with tropical flowers, maintenance of which as far as I can remember was not good mainly due to climate condition. Flowers can actually be grown outside the window sills of your apartment, or harvested/picked up from your garden (if you have one) or from a neighbor’s garden (with their permission of course), or from a flower store at a flea market or a supermarket for a song!

These colorful living things can add a fresh feeling to yourself and beauty to the surroundings and it is one way of welcoming spring and summer time to your home.

 Just like what I said before about shopping, flower arrangement is likewise both a science and an art. If you have the knack of putting together things such as mixing and blending colors and matching stuffs, then it would be easy for you to display things in its proper perspective.  There are times that we see flower arrangements in plush hotels and first class condominiums displayed in eye-catching crystal and bronze carved (with semi precious stones) vases.We all know that this kind of arrangement uses a lot of gorgeous flowers and vases which can cost us a lot. Let’s not even go to that far, just the bouquet of flowers sold in commercialized flower shops can be costly.So, what I’m going to provide you now are alternative helpful low cost tips on how to bring in these flowers to the interior of your homes in a fashionable and distinctive way. (Note: These tips are applicable regardless of your location):

1.Instead of using expensive vases for you daily or weekly requirements, you can use tea tin cans which make a beautiful display as vases in your home. I used to have empty tea tin cans at home (after consuming the tea inside of course) which I bought in London and Taipei.

Chinese tea tin cans specifically have this intricate decorative art work which could already pose as décor in your side, coffee , dining or kitchen tables.  If you add garden fresh flowers into it, it will make your room interesting or your table as unique as it appears. Pastel linens, napkins and colored candles will complement the fresh look of the table. If you have several of them, you can group them together to serve as a centerpiece of the table. If you also have an unused tea pot, that will serve as an additional attraction.

2.Assuming you’re not a tea drinker and you don’t have tea tin cans, empty cans of milk,  drinks or sauces or retro-looking cans will make as a substitute.  Old glasses, jars and antique containers which can be purchased at flea markets are cute alternatives.  You just have to use your vision and instinct on how you want to decorate your home with flowers.

3.Another option is the inexpensive ceramic monochromatic white vases which you can find at discount stores , trade shows and flea markets as well.

4.For fillers, you may want to put small cup or container with water inside the tins to hold the flowers and to avoid formation of rust in the tins. Other things which can be seen from craft stores are colored marbles, white sand, seashells or dried leaves and fruits which can serve as fillers as well. You may also want to bundle the flowers together with a rubber band and place them at the center of the makeshift vase.

5.Never use your hands and fingers to cut the stem of the flowers. Use a sharp scissor or knife to cut and trim the flower to have a sharp even cut for proper water absorption.

6.Place your improvised flower vase in a cool place and away from direct sunlight, gas/electric stoves or some objects that emit heat as it destroys the vitamins present in the fresh leaves, thus causing the flower to dehydrate.

7.Last but not least, check and monitor if your vase has still enough water or in worst case scenario has already been infested by bacteria. There are flower preservatives available in the market that can eradicate bacteria in the water.

 With all these in mind, I hope your spring time is already in bloom! I also hope to see your version of your improvised flower vase soonest, hopefully using the aforementioned helpful tips !

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  1. Hi friend. I must say i enjoy this posting along with the website to sum up! Im not really into flower arrangement as it’s not really my forte. I just simply like the usefult tips on arranging things with a twist and make it budget friendly at the same time. I hope there will no spammers visiting your blog in the future! Great friend! 🙂

  2. hey, nice blog…de facto like it and added to bookmarks. decorating the rooms whether at home or in the workplace in such an innovative ways will definitely give brightness and color to the place and the people as well!

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