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“Ocean Deep” – “What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Tips and Thoughts

Sure, oceans are really deep! But what the heck love got to do with it! Candidly, these two songs just popped out of my mind and as you decide to go through reading this post you may as well be thrilled of the circumstances surrounding the subject matter.

It is simply amazing that one can actually compose a sentence, a paragraph or even a title of an article using lines from songs or even labels of certain songs, just like what I have for you now. The topic consists of two-pronged subject: “Ocean Deep”, a love pop song and What’s Love Got To Do With It, a slow rock ballad! While they don’t belong to the same category as far as music genre is concerned, the gist of the songs is quite interrelated, it concerns LOVE. I didn’t have any idea beforehand that these songs were both released in 1984  and turned out to be hits during the period, 1985  and onwards and that makes it more amazing! What a coincidence!

This is what I intend to write about, something that is universal regardless of age, looks, religion, race, nationality or stature in life, whether rich or poor or in other words something that is applicable to all ….it’s  the most beautiful gift God has given us and the most wonderful moment we’ve encountered in our lives and that is LOVE. Every single person has the right to love, to express one’s feelings and emotions, although in different fashions and comfort zones. As the saying goes, it is better to have loved and lost than never been loved or have never loved at all (emphasis underlined).

My thoughts would primarily delve on the subject songs and how it relates to a person’s love life, the feelings or emotions when the person is in love. For simplicity however, let’s not dig into the semantics of emotions and feelings, let’s treat it as one and the same. While the subject matter may not be my forte, I can more or less give out or share my thoughts based on personal and other people’s experiences in general. Besides, tackling this matter now is timely as some of my kith and kin are growing up and are on the verge of committing themselves to a lifelong relationship, which is normal by the way. I felt it is my responsibility to lay down the ins and outs and show them the value of the sweet and bitter experiences on the subject, in retrospect.

Okay, some of you may know that the deepest part of the ocean is the bottom of the trench and even if it’s cold and dark in there, there is life, light and warmth in it. While there may be imminent danger when you jump into the ocean, the more you dive into its deepest part however, the more you explore its beauty and treasures . Same thing happens when a person is truly in love. He or she begins to appreciate the  other‘s strengths and accomplishments and learns to accept his/her  weaknesses. A person in love tends to lessen his/her must haves and can’t stands and shorten the laundry list, so to speak. He or she tends to really get deeply involved with the person he/she loves. Hence, there are no limits and boundaries, no conditions set and that makes love as the quintessence of life.

People may be searching “high and low” for the man and woman of their dreams. They may be lucky to find their Mr. and Ms. Right but not everyone is lucky enough to find it instantly. It is difficult to hunt for true love. Sometimes, there are people who really work hard for it and there are times it just comes unexpectedly like a thief in the night! A friendly relationship with someone you love makes a person’s life more colorful and exciting. People in love tend to be brave to show their feelings for each other. A mere holding hands and spending even a short time with someone you most like, makes your day happy and inspiring. A mere touch says it all – it gives words of affirmation of your endearing love to a person, and that is an amazing mystery to me. However, not every boyfriend or girlfriend relationship is a bed of roses. There are challenges along the way and one has to be prepared for it. After the good old happy days, there may be some sorrows along the way but don’t let it bring you down. It is all right to allow yourself to feel the pain when the person you love breaks your heart. As a matter of fact, when such things happen, it would even be a blessing in disguise which only shows that probably that particular person is not really meant for you at all. Thus, you may treat the “pain” of the heartbreak as an opportunity to make you a better person and learn from it as you move on and by the time you meet another wonderful person and experience falling in love again, you are ready to face it head on!

One important factor to consider in a relationship is to take the “baby steps”. Not that you take your boy or girl easily and the relationship for granted, but just don’t overdo it. This may be considered an old school and a bit of a conformist as far as love relationship is concerned. For youngsters,  especially the ladies, it is always best to confide with a member of the family, or your parents, or your concerned buddy, when it comes to matters of the heart. They would be able to guide you in your decision making and hopefully enlighten your troubled and confused heart. You have to face the fact that even in this avant garde days, it is always good to practice what is good and best for you. There are men, if not most of them, would really want to “win” you right away, so to speak, but if you show your true love, sweetness and care to them even without too much intimacy, they will always love and respect you in return. They will always be there for you no matter what and these are the type of men who are worth keeping for. I’m not saying that doing so is a sure perfect thing and I know some people will disagree with me on this but it depends on the circumstances actually. What I wanted to say is that there is nothing wrong to wait for someone who will bring you to your marriage life, through thick and thin, and therefore it would be good to both use your heart and wisdom before surrendering and giving all of yourself to someone who appears to be only after his glory!

Falling in love is the most wonderful feeling ever, whether it is shallow or deep. There’s nothing wrong with expressing love be in words or deeds. The risks and consequences associated to it may always be there but what’s important is that you have loved the way it should be!

Below are videos showing rendition of two beautiful songs by Mr. Cliff Richard and Ms. Tina Turner, respectively, courtesy of You Tube. While the lyrics may not be perfectly written,  I just love the melody of the songs -classic and it makes me fall in love all over again! 

If you like it too, please share me your thoughts! :)

2 responses to ““Ocean Deep” – “What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Tips and Thoughts”

  1. Halberg says:

    There are some interesting points in this article but not everyone will agree with you especially during these modern times. The influence of internet, movies and tv shows on the young generations as far as love matters are concerned are far greater than the teachings in school and homes, hence the need for parents to really get more concerned about their teens love life.

  2. Cecilia Samay says:

    Good work man! The songs sounds familiar but not my cup of tea! The message being imparted
    by the author though is quite relevant these days as far as love relationships are concerned. Thanks
    for the tips and good day!