Privacy Matters

Having a private space for ourselves is one of current life’s essentials particularly in this tech advanced age where wrongdoers are rampant on the web. That’s one reason why most of us are cautious in revealing/providing information to anyone sans valid reasons.

Even in our work spaces and private lives, we don’t necessarily share personal information to bff’s (best friends forever or boyfriends forever) or pic (partners in crime) despite the many lunches and dinners spent together. How much more if we share vital information about ourselves in a social media platform where required/submitted data are not even guaranteed to be fully secured and the fact that we don’t have any idea about the people requesting the information?

My friend was required to submit certain documents online exclusively through this social media platform without word of caution/advice and the opportunity to air her concerns and grievances via other alternative means of communication. What’s more worrisome though is that those requesting the data feel privileged not to reveal their true identities to protect themselves, while my friend has been honest in portraying herself from the very start.  How ironic is that?

Sure, there are some people where privacy don’t matter at all. However, others still prefer setting boundaries with the view that it’s prudent and healthy to undertake these days. Definitely, we can present all the required documents to those requesting for it with no hesitation particularly if there’s legal basis, but not to an organization where automatically generated messages and virtual staff are the ones representing them. As such, when we decide not to disclose personal information, it actually doesn’t mean we don’t trust people, rather we’re not comfortable sharing the information with those people running the business whom we don’t even know in the first place. There should be a “quid pro quo” in requesting for data/identification requirements for fairness sake!

Simply airing my friend’s web space sentiments! Au revoir!

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