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The Biri Rock Formation: A Jaw Dropping Wonder!

Jocella,  a young upbeat  Manila-educated professional from Calbayog City in Samar, Philippines would dream and love to travel around the world if only she had the luxury of leaving the management of her hotel to a trusted individual. Since she couldn’t afford to embark on such an impossible dream, her only other option is to explore some interesting places located in their region particularly during weekends.

One of the places she was able to visit one summer day was the Rock Formations in Biri Island, a growing fascinating humble town in Northern Samar. She decided to go solo with a tourist guide who doubly increased her determination to go on with her trip. Since her journey would start from the Samar area already, her travel to Biri Island was not as bumpy and exhausting as those travelers who will still come from the Manila area.

Samar is the 3rd biggest islands in the Philippines out of its over 7,100 islands, and one of the country’s poorest provinces.  Being in a rugged mountanous terrain and surrounded by waters, majority of the people in Samar depend on subsistence farming and fishing for their livelihood. But because of their tenacity and determination to improve their lives, the province and its people are now economically improving despite the natural calamities they have encountered. The rural poor  in Samar are hardworking; and even if they have simple lives, e.g.  staying in houses made of nipa shingles and bamboo, they still have something to eat for a day because they have a land to till,  and grow food plants in their back or front yards. Despite the hardships,  the people in Samar are still happy with what they have, and ready to offer their smiles to their visitors.

Samar  is a picturesque and scenic place to be in the Philippines. It is filled with natural goodness: beaches, caves, waterfalls and rock formations, as in name it, they have it! The natives in Samar speak Waray-Waray, an entirely different language from Tagalog,  the national language of the people in the Philippines.

From her place, Jocella and her guide proceeded to Lavesarez, a small town in Allen, Northern Samar and found themselves in a boat going to Biri Island. Passenger boats are available in the morning from 7:00-11:00 am for a little over $1.00 only. However, should you decide to rent the whole boat, it would cost you about $40.00. From Biri town, they rode on a motorbike (locals call it “habal-habal”) and moved on to their destination. The Bri Rock Formation has actually more than one large rock formations such as Bel-at, Magasang, Pinanahawan, Magsapad, Caranas and Macadlaw which are believed to have been formed over millions of years through tectonic movements.  Of course, if you come from Manila,  seeing these wonders  would cost you probably about $300.00 all in all (budget travel)! But your money and effort will be all worth it!

Jocella didn’t have an idea that her home province could have such amazing places like the Biri Rock Formations. She thought it was one of the most beautiful places that she’s been to, a jaw dropping wonder so to speak!  Relish what she saw from there as shown in the photos below:








Jocella would have wanted to go and see the grandiouse and the scenic views of the geological rock formations of the Grand Canyon in Colorado, USA, but because of her limited time and demanding work, she pushed aside her dreams temporarily but she is  hopeful that someday  it would come true!

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Jocella, thank you for sharing your story with My Useful Tips!  My Useful Tips is now including the Biri Rock Formations in their  go-to-list!