San Lorenzo Ruiz Enthronement – A Significant Event


For Filipino migrants in the United States, particularly in NYC’s Queens area , the enthronement of San Lorenzo Ruiz (SLR) at the Holy Child Jesus (HCJ) Church was truly a blessing!

When HCJ’s Parish Administrator (Rev. Father Francis Colamaria)  met with the Filipino leadership apostolate two months ago and discussed about plans for SLR’s image enthronement in the church, there was no hesitation at all from both sides!. Said plan was actually opportune and timely as the enthronement was to be undertaken within the centennial celebration period of HCJ, which  made it more signficant.   The installation of SLR’s 4-ft. image at HCJ may serve as spiritual emblem of the Filipino immigrants and overseas Filipino workers’ (specifically those residing in the vicinity) not only with respect to their commitment and dedication to their faith outside their homeland but also keeping their culture and tradition alive. His image may likewise pose as part of their many “sounding board” saints at the Church, so to speak, of their joys and sorrows while away from their loved ones.

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The two-month preparation was a long wait but it was worthwhile as the outcome turned out to be much successful. The nine-day devotional prayer novena to San Lorenzo held at HCJ's Leonard Center jump started the feast day celebration.


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Highlights of the special occasion included the mass, procession and the enthronement. The mass celebration on September 26th was humble yet solemn. It was officiated by five priests (four of whom are Filipinos from the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens) and one deacon, with the Parish Administrator as the main celebrant.

Majority of the parishioners accounts revealed that the liturgical songs rendered by the joint singing venture of HCJ ‘s Filipino Choir and Our Lady of Snows Himig at Alay Group sounded great and worth hearing on and on, and on! Humility aside, it was well applauded, after a special mention from the Parish Administrator!

Thereafter, a procession of the image ensued.


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The weather was friendly and cooperative as there was enough sunlight and the cool autumn breeze provided a refreshing and relaxing

comfort  while walking around the blocks of 86th Avenue , to 111th St, then Myrtle Ave , up to 112th St. and back inside the church for the enthronement of the image at the Adoration Chapel of the Church.

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For the choir, it was a memorable event as they’ve rendered a non-stop singing of San Lorenzo Hymns (San Libong Buhay or A Thousand Lives) and San Lorenzo Martir or St. Lorenzo, Martyr) throughout the procession

until they had reached the altar for the enthronement. That was amazing! Such powerful vocal cords! Where did it emanate

from?  Maybe, it was San Lorenzo’s way of thanking them for sharing their musical talents with him with so much "gusto"!

A simple fellowship and celebration followed with all of the attendees partaking the food blessed by the priest! What a remarkable day! Once again, kudos to the organizers, volunteers, choir and the key players of this event.

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The choir with Fr. Gody, the Coordinator of the Fil. Diocesan Apostolate of the Diocese of Brooklyn, for a souvenir pose!.

May I end this blog with an excerpt from one of SLR’s life story:

“During one of Ruiz’ interrogations, a judge asked him a question if he will denounce his faith. The response was categorical and immediate: “That I will never do, because I am a Christian, and I shall die for God, and for Him I will give many thousand lives if I had them. And so do with me as you please.”

By the way, San Lorenzo is the patron saint of immigrants.

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    1. To:Ms. Cindy Goodman of cool gadgets! San Lorenzo Ruiz is one of the saints in the modern world.
      He’s just like us, an ordinary man , has a family of his own but because of his faith in God, he was hanged
      to death!As you may know, it is hard these days to be holy and faithful.

  1. Simply admirable what you have done here. It is worthnoting that you know some groups involved in community development which in turn helps you in a way to make your blog colorful. It appears your featured articles are expressed from the heart, the content of which is easily understood. Thanks.

  2. I seriously appreciate this post. We have to have far more individuals like you bringing value to the community, whether it be through volunteering or actively participating in planning or organizing, esp in church related activities. Helping people in a local community achieve their goals is truly rewarding. Keep up the good work!

  3. It is truly very good post, but I do not see everything completely clear, especially for someone not familiar with customs and traditions of other nationalities. Anyway very interesting and informative to me.

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  5. This is truly a good post…Just keep inspire us working moms to be faithful to God even in the  midst of adversities. St. Lorenzo Ruiz is a great example he would rather die a thousand deaths than to renounce his faith..

    1. Thank you. Reading comments from you guys is like conversing with you in person.
      It makes the whole world smaller, as if you’re just around, sharing time with people far
      from you. Warmest regards!

  6. Wow, I’ve never encountered a saint like him. Thanks for opening my eyes and introducing me to a holy, respectable and faithful person, up to the end of his life.

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