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She Beats Covid-19 Virus Despite Underlying Health Conditions: How? (Part 2)

Going back to my sizzy’s Covid-19 encounter, it can be gleaned that the strategy her family adopted contributed significantly to her swift recovery. (See Part 1 of this article for info)

Basically, her children utilized a comprehensive/holistic approach encompassing every available remedy (a mix of medical, natural and spiritual way of healing) to completely remove the virus from her system, but at the same time they also took into account their own health, preventive measures, work skeds and resting time to boost their respective immune systems, as follows:

1.Consultation via telephone calls and email messages with friends who are physicians – Considering that the doctor who took the swab test did not give her any medications until the results were out, her children took the initiative of consulting some friends who are physicians both in NYC and in the Philippines, re. on which preliminary medications would be best for her. (Some of her current medications, for hypertension for instance, have been temporarily stopped as it might add to covid-19 danger.

2.Close monitoring of the status of health symptoms of and medications for the patient – Since her children were working and taking care of their Mom at the same time, they took turns of looking after her, monitoring her situation every hour of the day and giving her the medications as prescribed. One would be around in the morning, the other during the day time while the other would take the night shift. As mentioned earlier, they turned their Mom’s bed into a makeshift hospital bed.

3.For the natural way of healing – Below are some of the ways and means they did:

a. Forced herself to take food in order to get strength and energy because the virus has killed her appetite (no smell/no taste thing) no matter how delish the food was. She had to eat otherwise her immune system would be compromised;
b. Gargled lukewarm water with salt to relieve her throat;
c. Took lots of fluids including hot water with lemon and ginger to get hydrated
d. Undertook steam inhalation therapy (“suob” in Tagalog and “tuob” in Visayan language). A process of inhaling steam from hot water mixed with salt and covering the patient with a blanket or any cloth. Note that this therapy depends on the comfort and health of the patient. Some encountered problems with the process, particularly if they are not used to this kind of healing ritual. The World Health Organization (WHO is not also supporting this, as reported, inhaling salt water steam is not an approved cure to treat Covid-19. However, it helped in her and others’ cases.
e. Decided to take a quick mild hot shower to clear/ease her lungs naturally, while she was recovering in the process.

4.For Medical Healing Treatment – Her children, based on consultations with the doctors, gave her the following medicines: Antibiotics (need to confirm the brand), cough medicine (need to confirm the brand), paracetamol (Tylenol), Vitamin C (2000mg/day). She also utilized her nebulizer for her asthma. Take note that as of to date there is still no medicine and vaccine for Covid-19 virus.

5.For Spiritual Healing – Her strong faith in God contributed greatly in her healing process. She is a strong advocate of the power of prayers. As she is a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she also prayed the Holy Rosary silently even if she was in pain. Faith and prayer come in, particularly in times of fear, despair and anxiety, health problems such as this Covid-19 pandemic where almost everyone seeks Divine intervention for comfort, healing, and peace. Saying prayers will provide us consolation, strength and energy, peace of mind and most importantly it deepens our intimacy with God. Prayers are powerful, it serves as our strength, the best remedy for now in the absence of cure and vaccine for the virus.

The foregoing strategies have successfully helped to get her up on the road to recovery. The presence of support system, the love and care from her children during her battle made it easier for her healing. The situation would probably have been different if she was brought to the hospital without her loved ones being around to take care of her. There was an element of luck on her part as her children, being in the nursing field, were available to to take care of her.

WHO, in its latest pronouncement, states that Covid19 virus “is not even close to being over” as there are still new infected cases, noting surges in hospitalizations throughout the world in addition to the more than 16 million cases worldwide (based on WHO data as of July 30, 2020). Based on some reports, most people infected with the virus are not spreading it but a few of those infected are capable to infect many, they are tagged as the “super spreaders” who seemingly look strong and healthy as if they are not afflicted with it. That’s where the danger lies.

As of today (July 31, 2020) and based on St. Johns Hopkins University of Medicine (Corona Virus Center) data, total confirmed cases all over the world has reached 17.2 million infected patients with 672,062 deaths, a quarter of which (about 152k) came from the United States (US). US has about 4.5 million positive COVID-19 cases and Philippines has 85,486 positive cases with 1,962 deaths.

So, what can we do? What can we contribute to curb the spread of the virus and to break the chain of transmission? Simple. We have been asked by Government authorities to observe SOCIAL DISTANCING, to WASH HANDS frequently, and to WEAR MASKS everywhere we go. And when symptoms of Covid 19 are being felt, we are asked to ISOLATE until the results are out. LET’S DO IT!

Stay safe, stay healthy and let’s pray to God to heal our land, to heal all of us. (Let us know if you have other alternative options on how to get rid of this virus.)

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