Useful Tips on Cleaning Snow Off Your Car

For February 2010, the Metro New Yorkers were lucky to get snow falls for a couple of days. Honestly, just like a child, I am still amazed and delighted to see snow falls once in a while. The falling fluffy white stuff just engulfed me and it makes the surroundings perfectly look immaculate and romantic.

However, this morning on my way to school, I saw cars full of snow and ice. For those who have no garage at home, their cars could be easily exposed to this natural beauty which afterwards could be an undesired chore. Cleaning up the snow frrom driveway, roof, walkway and cars can be a daunting and excruciating task.

Snow-laden cars in Richmond Hill with HCJC bell tower shown from afar


To make your life easier,here are some tips for an effective and productive snow cleaning method specifically for cars and other automobiles:

Firstly  ,    clear out the snowy area around the car and remove   the snow from around the wheels so that it could be driven and pulled forward into the parking   lot which you have already cleaned.     (Note: This is applicable if you have enough space).   

  Secondly  ,    start the car’s engine, warm it up for a few minutes  and allow the heater/defroster to soften the frost/ice on the   windshield, side and rear windows .Note that the time to run the defroster varies with the type of vehicle.

Thirdly,    get hold of your ice scrapers (some of it have rubber or a simple snow brushes-which is much better )   and brush off  the snow in strokes whether it’s light fluffy snow, wet, heavy snow topped with a layer of ice.(Caution: Avoid scratching the paint of your car).

Fourthly,check if there is snow that has   accumulated inside (e.g. hood, etc.) your car.   This means that all of the snow remnants should be entirely removed/wiped out from your car, including the tail lights  , license plates, headlights and turn signals.  This is to avoid obstructions and accidents when you use the car. Note that you may also be fined with tickets from authorities when your headlights, taillights and license plates are not cleared.

 Fifthly ,     by the time the car warmed up, it would be easy to scrape the hard part of the snow/ice off all of the car windows and after this you’re ready to go!  Some people (sounds familiar!)      , however, can be so economical yet smart, in dealing with car snow problems. After brushing off the large accumulation of loose snow, simply use warm or hot water and gradually pour them over the windows and windshields. Use the so-called “squeegee” to remove the water from the windows, so it would not freeze up again.    Squeegee is a tool with a flat   smooth rubber blade, used to remove or control the flow of liquid on a surface. And, it works!    

Likewise, if you have the “dough” to install or build a garage, that would be a selling point and you will no longer be facing the agony of cleaning the snow off during wintertime.

But most of all, I would like to remind you that while you’re cleaning your car, you always have to have these ingredients: Have fun, relax, play with the snow and enjoy every wonderful moment of it !