Vintage Cars: Men In Black 3 – Movie In The Making


A friend of mine was surprised one day to see in their Queens neighborhood throngs of old cars from the 1960's  lined up in the main thoroughfare of the said area. Later did she know from the bystanders that those cars were to be used for Will Smith's upcoming  movie, “Men In Black 3”, for some stunts scenes.

While the shooting of the said film may have turned out to be a bother to some of the residents and travelers due to the noise, heavy traffic and re-routing, most of the nearby affected residents were excited about it. They were interested to see what's going to happen and probably dying to see the main cast themselves , just like my friend who to my surprise is a real fan of Will Smith!

As expected, there were giant trailers and movie-related equipment around, not to mention the many movie production staff and utility men overseeing the film shot.  Unfortunately, she was not able to  have a glimpse of his idol's controversial $2 million 53-foot mammoth trailer. I could have gone to my friend's place that day if it was there too. The said super trailer is a double-decker with an area of 1,150 sq.ft. and can be compared to a two-bedroom, 2-bathroom NYC plush apartment.

They also had a make shift retro market to make it look like during the 60's.  

Apparently, this was the first time ever that a sequel of a famous movie had been shot in my friend's place  and to her, it was remarkable as far as her neighborhood's history is concerned. In fact, some people were so excited to have a picture with the vintage cars around such as corvette, impala, plymouth, dodge, pontiac and others  which would be used for the sequel of the said Hollywood blockbuster film.  She sent some photos which you can check out below. Enjoy!

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  2. Just passing by to say hello and very informative blog! I am not really keen on vintage cars. But I do like sci-fiction films like this one. Cheers!

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