Why Young Ones Love To Fashion – Tips and Thoughts


In a metropolis like NYC, fashion is inevitably observed especially to majority in the younger work force and the teens and tweens. The tri-media advertising massive campaign effectively put a pressure to some of these groups to dress up in a certain way and in line with each one's standards. However, for avid fashion lovers, even without the tri-media influence, dressing up is simply part of their day to day life, it's like a norm to them. They themselves do have a certain degree of power, they sometimes serve as the trendsetters, as a matter of fact, even fashion designers would get ideas from what they see from them. But even with that kind of scenario, these people would still go out of their way just to check on the latest craze in fashion mags and runways. These are the type of people who simply enjoy to fashion themselves, seeing on what to wear everyday, and are always on the hunt for something novel.

While it is true that being fashionable can be applicable to all people from all walks of life, regardless of age, etc., no one can deny the fact that the young ones are more excited and aggressive in so far as updating their looks are concerned.

Based on a sample survey conducted on the subject, the following are some of the rationale which to me seem to be intriguing yet practical on why the relatively young people would like to dress up, regardless of the occasion:

1.For love of fashion and trends

Isn't it interesting that there are people who would really shout out to the whole world to advocate for fashion? Yes, these are some who do feel proud about their style, and would even blog or write about it, perhaps in social network sites, journals or slum books, that is if they don't own a web place. Fashion lovers are more artistic and at the same time overcautious on what they wear, even if they'll merely buy something at a near by grocery store. They simply love to dress up for no reason at all.

2.For beauty and self-satisfaction

Some young people, especially the ladies, indicate that wearing something chic and classy would make them beautiful, at least from the outside appearance. They said that they feel more beautiful and satisfied if they're in their best attire. This is quite true because when I see someone even not endowed with the beauty of “Cleopatra”, but wears something that fits her to a “T”, I would compliment her, “Wow, you look pretty in there”! For the rich and famous, they can afford to be glamorous and gorgeous by wearing designer made clothes from the showrooms such as that of Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent or Pucci. But even if one is on a budget, he or she can still find ways on how to style minus the branded items. Definitely, it would make the person simply enjoy how fashion makes him/her feel.

3. For self-morale and confidence boosting

There are younger generations who  would opt to dress up in order to level up  their morale and confidence. One young college intern in a non profit org. mentioned that apart from being smart and pretty, the fact that she has decided to wear something decent, a pair of semi-formal business suit, added to her confidence to speak up and market herself to the interviewer, which made her in and be part of the team. When someone dresses up properly for any occasion, there is such a feeling which overpowers one's shyness, thus enabling him/her to even stand straighter and be confident of herself.

4. For fun and art sake

As mentioned in my previous blogs, fashion is more of an art than a science. There are some girls who just love to experiment on things like which color would match their shoes and accessories for a particular gathering. This is especially true to the fashionistas who are on a budget. They'll make use of what's available in their existing wardrobe. They become creative as a result of which and that's precisely the essence of fashion. In that way, they are able to express themselves by the clothes they wear on how they feel at that particular moment , thus confirming what experts in the field often said, that fashion is self-expression.

5. For attraction (normally from opposite sex), and for flaunting

The naughtier young ladies would dress up either to attract guys or show off of what they wear, particularly if they have an hour-glass figure and dangerous curves to boot. These are the type who are not afraid to flaunt and would want others to notice them. They want to be different, stand out as “la crème de la creme” in the crowd and they feel happy and satisfied in what they do.

I see nothing wrong in dressing up, actually it's fun and exciting. As I said before,  as long as you dress appropriately, feel confident about yourself, act professionally (whether as  job searcher or  university student),  then you're setting up yourself for success. 

Incidentally, here are some styles for hip young professionals and teens and tweens. These are arranged by June, a fashion lover and hopefully a budding fashion designer.



So, how about you guys and dolls? Speak and share what's in your mind! What do you think of the write-up? What about the styles? Did you like it?

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  1. Teenagers are more aggressive to test the fashion market be it clothes, beauty make-up, or even accessiories to add color to their daily lives. Now, some of the younger generation, especially those in Asian countries have started to be trendsetters even if the outfit does not really go with the occassion and this is not being fashionable. There are some who would wear boots for instance even if the weather is warm, just so to show off of their newly bought items. This is a mere observation.

  2. Cool man! It’s nice to know that bloggers like you can write something for young girls like me. I’m a senior high school student in a public school but does not really dress up to the nines as i’m plainly a jeans, shirt and sweatshirt girl. And I see no no problem with that as my fashionable friends accept the way I am. But I recognize the need to appropriately wear something nice and trendy on special occassions. By the way, the styles are great but not for me. Thanks anyway!

  3. Thanks to the writer for this useful post. I am actually facing problems everyday on what to wear for office work. I’m a fresh graduate and i’m over stressed thinking of what to wear the next day. I understand what you mean that there’s nothing wrong in dressing up if and when necessary. I know I need to learn wearing appropirate office attire and build up my confidence in order to be in sync with my officemates. I will surely refer your web site to anyone. Very nice website!

  4. I truly enjoyed reading the article. I have actually encountered the same incidents. There are times I would like to over dress myself so as to impress boys but it turned up the other way around, unfortunately.
    Nice clothes casual designs you have there!

  5. I liked the way you portrayed why young ones loved to try new things on their own and flaunt it. Nice 🙂

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